The First Day of Practice After a Tournament

The first day back from a comp is always hit or miss with me. Our school is closed on Sundays, leaving me with a day to contemplate my mistakes/triumphs from the previous tournament. I'll often times work on some things in my living room that I want to bring to practice with me on the following Monday. This past Sunday, I worked on the running escape from side/back control. It seems that I always find myself in this position when people pass my guard, and I really wanted to work on at least getting back to half-guard from the position. (hit it twice tonight!)

Going into practice tonight, I was really excited to tell our black belts about the tournament, and how I managed to squeak out a win. I also wanted to roll with the guys who stayed in Baytown this weekend to attend a seminar with Elite MMA's Hai Nguyen. They had a lot of great things to show me too. A lot of what they worked on started in butterfly guard (something I'm completely deficient in). So it was great to learn tons of new stuff to work on.

I did both regular and advance BJJ classes tonight, and I managed to do pretty well. I did get tapped out quite a bit, but my focus was on trying to use my legs more in controlling their body. I think that I was moderately successful, even drawing a few compliments from fellow classmates. I gassed pretty quickly about halfway through advance class though. It sucks, because that is the class that our black belts watch closest to gauge our progress. Oh well. The next belt test I get invited to will probably be for my blue belt, and I'm nowhere near that level of skill yet. So I have tons of time to practice and build my stamina.

I'm super excited about the IBJJF tournament coming to Houston. We needed a world-class tournament to come down here, and now it provides us with a great chance to prepare our guys for Pan Ams later in the year.

That's it for now, but check back soon for another review. This one is for the Jaco compression short/cup combo.

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